Grayson Perry and Matthew R Lewis

Grayson Perry, Potter.

Matthew met Grayson in the late 80's.

Thirty years or so later, and ten years after Matthew's death they were reconnected.

Five of Matthew's portraits of Grayson were acquired by the National Portrait Gallery, donated to mark Matthew's tenth anniversary.


Grayson's exhibition  - 'Grayson Perry The Pre-Therapy Years' was a huge success and seen in Bath, York and Norwich.



Grayson Perry as Claire by Matthew R Lewis

Matthew's portrait of Grayson as Claire sitting in her studio reconnects two very special, beautiful and talented artists.

From Matthew:

'Grayson works very hard and he is very sensitive, even as a small boy, but mostly he is a shy girl called Claire.

Grayson is a transvestite and this year he won the much-coveted Turner Prize, twenty thousand pounds! Now, I made this photograph about twenty years ago. And ever since that day Grayson has worked and worked and worked.  It sounds like a lot of money but take it from me, it's not. Stretched over twenty years twenty thousand probably works out at about five pounds a day. Great Artists are always underpaid. It's a historical thing

Nevertheless, I'm glad he is the winner.'          

Mr Grayson Perry by Matthew R Lewis  

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