Oasis - What's the story?

Front cover BEYOND magazine 
This months beyond Magazine features Matthew's portrait of Oasis outside the Oasis Market Manchester.
Inside in an interview with Brain Cannon we meet the man who put his Art & Soul into 90's music.
And If he had a hammer - Marcus Levine shows just what can be done with his hammer and a whole lot of nails. 

Paul ('Bonehead') Arthurs (1965-), Musician; rhythm guitarist. 
Liam Gallagher (1972-), Musician, singer. 
Noel David Thomas Gallagher (1967-), Musician, singer, songwriter. 
Paul ('Guigsy') McGuigan (1971-), Musician; bassist.
Alan White (1972-), Musician; drummer.

See Matthew's portrait of Oasis and more online in National Portrait Gallery

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