Portraits of Matthew by Giancarlo Gemin

From time to time I am contacted by someone who knew Matthew from a long time ago and in the years before I met him. It is very exciting and special. 

This week a friend who travelled to America with Matthew in the early 80s sent me some wonderful portraits that he took of Matthew. Thank you Giancarlo. 


  • Such beautiful photos of a beautiful soul. Thanks for sharing these. I was with you in Dayton and have such happy memories of you, Matthew and all of us who shared the experience xx

  • I remember you guys with great affection from the Mountview days, our visit to Dayton Ohio…the “HOLLYWOOD” set. My productions were Italian Straw Hat and Oh What a lovely War. The Crucible set in the JD was indeed true inspiration. Happy memories. John Dryden

    John Dryden

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