Stephen Fry has a halo...

 Stephen Fry Actor QI Edita Wellington South Bank Matthew R Lewis
Stephen Fry - London 2009

‘Stephen Fry has a halo encircling his head. This photo is cropped so tight you cannot see it, which is why he looks so pissed off.

He’s surrounded by an invisible bureaucratic machine, yet he has such a kind heart. Sometimes the strict machine is entirely inefficient.’ - Matthew R Lewis.

This portrait was one of the last Matthew took. It was taken during a break in recording Q.I. at the Southbank Studios.

It's a bit of a long story which started when Matthew decided to write to Mr Fry under the pseudonym of Edita Wellington...

'Friday, 28 September 2007

Dear Mr. Fry,

My husband and I love doing crosswords and playing ‘Scrabble’ after supper: both of us are wordsmiths at heart. However, we do always stop play when it’s time to tune in to the television for your program Q.I.

We are hoping you can explain to us the following mystery. Why does ‘almost’ mean ‘not quite’, when ‘all’ means ‘everything’, and ‘most’ implies ‘abundant’? The two words, ‘all’ and ‘most’ seem to take on an opposite meaning when combined.'...

..'We’ve tried our etymological dictionary and searched The Oxford Dictionary without success. We’ve trawled the inter-net as well, but that too is of no help.

We hope you receive this letter so we might look forward to a reply, however brief your explanation. We know how busy you must be.

Yours faithfully,

Edita Wellington.'

If you asked Matthew why he chose Edita Wellington as his pseudonym, he'd probably suggest that going to see Noel might help you down the road to the library.

There's no money in it. This detective work is about having fun.

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