Every Picture Tells A Story


Young man with arms raised to either side, his head turned to side. Religious style. Torso. Crucifixion. © Matthew R Lewis 2000
It started with a clock It was over twenty years ago. And yes it seems like yesterday. With part of an old clock, a length of gold cord, a piece o...

Boy With Syringe Lemon & Spoon

... Unfortunately, Caravaggio was not available to see it, but William Burroughs admired it very much and he thoughtfully signed it ‘For a friend’. It also caught the eye of Derek Jarman...

Portraits of Matthew by Giancarlo Gemin

Portraits of Matthew by Giancarlo Gemin
New portraits of Matthew from the early 80's by Giancarlo Gemin.

Dear Roman Polanski

Dear Roman Polanski

Dear Mr. Lewis

Thank you for your letter of April 11,...

With my best wishes,

Roman Polanski